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Bringing out the wild in you


Zoo Photography Course

Join us at Shoalhaven Zoo 

for a 4 hour behind the scenes photography tour.

Family and Pet Photography

We will capture your family and/or furry kids in their natural habitat.

4WD Adventures

Capture your adventure to remember for a life time. Or immortalise the pride and joy.

A Few of our Friends

Capturing nature in it's finery

plum headed parot female jpeg wm
rainbow close up JPEG WM
wind blown kooka JPEG WM
autumn leaves JPEG WM
lion rock JPEG WM
cockatoo strutting his stuff JPEG WM
lone mare 25-03-2016 JPEG WM
Bakkar 1 21-06-2015 JPEG WM
sunset 10-07-2015 crop JPEG WM
Our work


We love taking photos of animals native, wild, captive or some where in between.

We can teach you how to capture fantastic images of your wild animals, whether they be human, mechanical, furry, feathery or scaly.

We WILL bring out the wild in you.


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